Registration Guide

In order to protect the uniqueness of our product and keep our price competitive, we have decided to hide our prices from the public. Only registered members are allowed to see our prices and purchase online. It is free to register on our website, but we are accepting registration from retailers only at the moment.

Why register?

By registering as a member on our website, you will have access to the full features of our website, including seeing prices and purchasing online.

Before you are logged in, you are limited to see the product images, name and description:

After you are logged in, you are allowed to see prices and purchase online:

The following chart shows access levels for different status of accounts:

Who can register on our website?

As we are a trade only (B2B) wholesaler, we will only approve registrations from retailers. The following table show what type of user we are expecting on our website:

Individual/Consumer Retails, E-tailers Wholesalers, manufacturers
No Yes Maybe

How to register?

Registration on our website is easy. You just need 5 mitnutes to do the first 2 steps listed below, and we will do the rest:

1. Complete the registration form

Go to the registration page and complete the registration form. You will be required to fill in your business information (business name, email, website, address and contact details etc). The more information you provide, the faster we process your registration.

2. Confirm your email

After you submit the registration, you will receive an email to confirm your email address shortly. Please click the confirmation link to verify your email address.

3. We will validate your account

Once you confirm your email address, we will check the information you provided and decide whether to approve or deny your registration. We may need to contact you for more information during this process. Usually we are able to validate new registration in a few hours, but in rare cases, it could take up to 48 hours.

What happens after registration?

Our account manager will verify your business by checking your VAT number, website and other information provided. Once your business is verified, we will activate you account and notify you by email. If we can't verify your business, we may contact you for more information. If you don't receive an activation confirmation email within 48 hours, please email to for assistance.